For those of you who periodically monitor the UUCE Website you will have noticed two things recently. The first is that the website is completely new. The second is that suddenly all the input about what has been going on in our little congregation had gone silent.

The former is due to the hard work and diligence of Marco Valdez. He has built and bequeathed to us a useful new tool to reach the community. (Hi Marco!) The latter is due to my inability to devote enough time to getting in here and start digging. Hopefully I keep up from now on.

I'm going to move through the new site here and figure out how it works. I may even resurrect the Newsletter concept if I continue to have things to announce and/or to rant about. The firsts thing I have to get used to is the new-fangled practice of only putting one space at the end of a sentence instead of the traditional two. I am old-fashioned and was taught to use two on my typewriter keyboard (I'm a geezer who learned to type on a typewriter that had little arms (with letters stamped on the end of them) that made inked imprints of the letter on real pieces of paper. We put stamps on the newsletters, hauled them to the post office and mailed them. How quaint. Anyway, this new software doesn't like me using two spaces at the end of the sentence instead of one. So, we will get used to each other, maybe. Right now, it does not appear I'm going to run out of things to rant about.