Between December 9th and 18th, 180 world leaders will meet in Copenhagen in an attempt to hammer out a reduction in global levels of greenhouse gases (especially CO2). There is real urgency behind this meeting; representatives of island states and sea-level nations warn that their countries could actually disappear before the end of the century if global warming is not arrested. Additionally, climatic changes due to warming, coupled with unchecked population growth has reduced the world food supply to a near record low – with no new “green revolution” in the offing. Increasing droughts and loss of arable land will mean starvation, mass migration, war, and human suffering on a scale never before seen.

The group will be holding a candlelight vigil in Copenhagen to show the world's leaders that we understand the seriousness of the threat the entire planet faces. The Reynoldsburg UU Fellowship and members of the local community will join First UU in our own candlelight vigil at 7 PM, Saturday, December 12th at First UU.

Please join us to show support for a strong international response to the growing global climate emergency. Future generations are depending on us.  If the weather is mild, we will walk the blocks from Weisheimer to Henderson and back; so dress warmly. If the weather is bad, we'll gather in the Worship Center.

Thank you,

Tom Baillieul, Chair

The First UU Green Team