Today Karen spoke on the topic of love and supporting communities under siege.  (spoiler alert the sermon was cribbed from Victoria Safford of the White Bear UU Church in Minnesota.)  
This is about love. It is a reminder that people have been struggling for a long, long time, against destruction, against disappointment and despair, against desecration of the planet and desecration of each other, devastations of the spirit and the body and the body politic, and people have been grieving for a long, long time; and for generations, those who came before us threw in their lots again and again, age after age, for hope, for compassion, for justice, for freedom, for human rights and civil rights (people with a lot more to lose than most of us here); they cast their lots for dignity and kindness, for beauty, truth and mercy. Perversely, ironically, against the odds and against powerful, normative rules and realities, people come together, people sometimes from very different places, backgrounds, histories, in every age, combine their ordinary powers and reconstitute the world.

And it is an honor and an act of love to sign on to that history and carry it on.

This is about love, not politics, or the kind of love that is politics, the faith that unfolds in the public square and the private heart, and everywhere. "It is midnight in our world," said Martin Luther King, "and the darkness is so deep that we can hardly see which way to turn.

The faith of a Unitarian Universalist comes from courage and moral clarity.  We are on the threshold now of a terrifying moment in our country, in our world, when we will be called as never before to clarify, to testify, to a faith that sometimes even we cannot articulate. Sometimes it is hard being a Unitarian Universalist.  What do we believe in, and what do you believe? The answer comes in whispers, when we’re most afraid, confused, unsure, when someone’s story touches us, someone’s courage, their humanity, and we remember: we are saved by love.

If this sounds like a community you would like to join, then we would love to have you come visit with us some Sunday morning... 11 O'clock.