Its tough being a liberal religion because we aren't given a mission statement from a holy father or sacred text.  We must discover our own understanding of our vision are reason for being.  And we must figure out our own covenant with each other.

We choose to allow (actually we insist) individual determination of belief.  We cannot fall back on historical statements  as the reason we exist.  Rather we must determine for ourselves why we exist as a covenant community, a congregation, a church together.  Here is what I learned today about us.

We care about thought provoking ideas.  We care for one another.  We have a sense of belonging, and we cherish that.  There is, somehow, a sense of devotion that we have to our group, our little building, and our great big woods, our neighbors, and yes, to the world, maybe even to the universe.  (we are the inheritors of the universalist tradition after all).  It was suggested today that Unitarian Universalists are probably the people who do the best job of treating the people you meet as if they might be God in disguise.  

Beyond that, we really do celebrate diversity.  Spiritual growth comes from care and from listening to other people's ideas of the spiritual world.  True meaning comes from a diversity of ideas. We respect ideas so long as they are contemplative, and  respectful (and it helps if it is rational... we are pretty insistent on a rational basis of ideas most of the time.)  Be that as it may, we also understand that humans are not always rational... but rather rationalizing.  It is important to us to know the difference and see it when it happens.  We have poetry days, we have flower ceremonies, and water ceremonies, and we hold great reverence for the environmental world.  We seek rationality, but we also seek enlightenment.  That is our covenant with one another.

If this sounds like you, please come join us.  There is room for some more ideas.  We have really good discussions and you are welcome to join in.