At this Unitarian Universalist Congregation, we take turns presenting the Sunday Service.  Not having a consistent preacher has its advantages and its disadvantages.  We get a lot of variety and that too has its advantages and disadvantages.  Today, the service was provided by me.  You can judge for yourself whether this was an advantage or...

Today Rick spoke about justice, equality, and compassion in human relations in the form of discussing critical thinking and how that applies to traditional thinking and Traditional Thinking's natural offspring: Traditions.  It came up in the context of a Catholic Archdioceses deciding to bad the Girl Scouts in favor of a new entrant in the girl troupe sweepstakes: American Heritage Girls.  The comparison between the values inculcated by the two organizations is both banal and startling at the same time.  This is because both groups teach all the vary traditional citizenship virtues pretty much equally, the Girl Scouts now push "go-getter", "innovator", "risk-taker" and "leader" (this is now G.I.R.L.)while American Heritage Girls are pushing respectability, loyalty and helpfulness.   

My point is that while there is nothing wrong with pushing traditions and traditional values, it has the additional consequence that it keeps existing power structures in place and makes it difficult for people who are without influence to obtain influence in the future.  In the case of girls, it makes sense for the Catholic hierarchy to avoid teaching girls to be "go-getters", "innovators", "risk-takers" and "leaders."  But if you want the next generation to be a generation of critical thinkers, then you have to let some of this tradition go by the wayside.

If this sounds like the sort of conversations you would like to have with people, then come join us next Sunday, 11 AM.  We won't disappoint.  (Ok, we might disappoint on any given week because our free-thinking congregation has its advantages and disadvantages, so you better give us two visits before you give up.)