Today, Madeline reminded us of the struggles that organized labor went through to bring us the 40 hour work week and the 5 day work week.   The labor of the working class has been exploited for centuries.  In the late 1890's in America, some working people organized into a union so that they could speak with one voice and have more negotiating power with the owners of factories.  We don't teach the history of Haymarket, or the Pullman Strike.  The miscarriage of justice against the working poor that was a result of the trials following the Haymarket riots was rectified somewhat by the temper of justice brought by the Governor of Illinois who pardoned those who were found guilty in the kangaroo court that resulted from that riot.  That governor, John Altgeld was vilified and thrown out of office as a result of his mercy and sense of justice.  It is an interesting story.  You can read about it here: Altgeld

Come visit us on Sunday.  We seek a wide diverse set of opinions and then we talk about what was presented each Sunday.  Just as the citizens of Illinois did not agree with their governor John Altgeld, we don't always agree with our governor... or indeed do not agree among ourselves.  One of our organizing principals is to seek justice and compassion in human relations, so in our seeking we sometimes talk about unpopular opinions on our way to seeking justice.  We hope to get there though.  Come join in the conversation (and coffee, did I mention the free coffee?)