David Soliday spoke on Human Rights.  In case you were wondering, in this crazy world where prisoners are routinely tortured and people are stolen away in the night, there is, indeed, a United Nations international standard of Human Rights that applies to all people in all countries.   It is called the Declaration of Human Rights and it was passed by the U.N.  December 1o, 1948.  It is a global expression of rights for all human beings.  There are six major themes.

1. Dignity and Justice

2. Development

3. Environment

4. Culture

5. Gender

6. Participation

Many of the U.N. principles have corollaries in the the principles and purposes of the Unitarian Universalist church.

Joys and concerns:  Shawn is having an open house Friday Dec 17 to wassail the Solstice… or at least as much of a solstice as we can find nosing around four days early.  On Dec 19 the Three Cranes Grove, ADF, will celebrate the Winter Solsticeon Sunday.  Now, that is a little better.  It will be held at the Reservable Shelterhouse at Whetstone Park. All are invited.  It will be an afternoon ritual, with social time at 3 PM and their ritual at 3:30 PM.

Shirley cleaned the fellowship hall.  Go Shirley!  Let us sometimes sit still and consider all the work that some people do to make life easier for the rest of us.

Jim has installed a flat screen at the front of the fellowship hall.  While we all welcome the new age of tree-friendly electronics, this will mean less dependence on printed bulletins and printed hymnals.  It is a new paradigm.  We can print the covenant for all to see on the flat screen and avoid using the paper.  However, let us not forget the friendly bulletin that you dangle in your hand each week… as environmentally unfriendly as it may be.

Remember to go to www.krogercommunityrewards.com and register your Kroger card for non-profit organization 80237.  We are, indeed, a non-profit organization.