Madeline took up the topic of religious dress today.  The way we present ourselves to the world is important.  It conveys a message to others about who we are, who we associate with, and what values we hold.  It also helps us internalize the values of the group we are a part of.  If you wear a cross, it conveys a message to others.  Presumably others will hold you to a certain standard of behavior.  If you wear Mormon underwear, it conveys a message to you.  You have a reminder to hold yourself to a higher standard.

Hasidic Jews have a code of dress that is visible.  Many religions do.  Religious leaders often wear a particular dress to set them apart.  Hierarchy is often important in human relations.  Members of the faith often wear jewelry or some adornment that shows their affiliation.  When someone wears a Star of David necklace, we presume that they are Jewish, which is handy if you need someone to work for you on December 25th.  We are a species that is designed for tribal affiliations.  Religious dress counts for a lot.

Some people do it with bumper stickers, some people do it with religious dress.