Becca spoke to us today about Mother's Peace Day.  Never heard of Mother's Peace Day?  The first person to fight for an official Mother's Day celebration in the United States was Julia Ward Howe. She had become famous as the author of the words to the "Battle Hymn of the Republic."  It was a stirring song, popular during the Civil War, that was intended to inspire young men to battle.  Julia Ward Howe wanted her legacy to be a little more peaceful, so she tried to get her Mother's Peace Day made into an official holiday.  That did not come to pass, but her day, the second Sunday in May, became widely accepted as a Mother's remembrance day.  and so it had staying power.  Becca explained this to us.

Becca added "The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering," by Sharon Mehdi.  It is a story of two grandmothers standing silently in the local park as their way to help the world.  It is "a little story about peace for anyone who thinks she can't save the world," says Mehdi. It is a simple message of hope.

It turns out that there is a long tradition of women standing for peace.  There is a woman in Columbus, Ohio who stands at the corner of Broadway and High every Saturday at Noon for an hour.  She has been doing this as a plea for peace since the beginning of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

There are the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina.

The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo (Spanish: Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo) is an association of Argentine mothers whose children were "disappeared" during the Dirty War of the military dictatorship, between 1976 and 1983. They organized while trying to learn what had happened to their children, and began to march in 1977 at the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, in front of the Casa Rosada presidential palace, in public defiance of the government's state terrorism intended to silence all opposition.(from Wikipedia)

In 2002, a community of women in Nigeria showed that woman's bodies are enough to bring one of the largest oil companies to the bargaining table. When their words were not being heard, they made themselves be threatening to strip naked in public. - See more at:

In the U.S. women of Black Lives Matter have joined with the women of Code Pink to work for peace in the streets of America.

And we learned today that Deepa's cousin's daughter in Sri Lanka has been working toward peace in that nation.

So, we ended our service with 5 minutes of silence for Women Standing for Peace day.

Peace to you all,


(I am remiss in my outreach.  I forget that I should be entreating you to come join us for on Sunday at 11AM.  We would love to see some new faces.)