Today Elizabeth spoke to us about mythology and children's stories as a metaphor for Religion.

We read "The Man In the Moon" as told and illustrated by Caroline Mallon and Mary Gehr.  The dust jacket says it is a story written to remove children's fears of thunder, lightning and storms. In this story, the man in the moon is a benevolent being who talks to children.  We explored the consequences of telling fanciful stories to children to explain away scary things like thunder and lightning.  When the children are too young to understand the real nature of thunder and lightning, is it ok to tell them the stories of mythology in order to calm them (and entertain them?)  It turns out that the mythology we build around such things tells us a lot about our own society.  The myths reveal something about our world view... society's world view and the parent's world view.  Myths, it turns out, are not stories that never happened, myths are stories that continue to happen over and over again.