In Today's service, Lisa reintroduces Happiness.  We saw the second half of the Documentary film "Happy" by Roku Belic.  And then,  we had a discussion of happiness in the congregation.  One of the key features is to switch from a focus on what I don't have to a focus on what I do have.  But people are natural cooperators... we like each other as a general rule and connecting with other people is important to happiness.  Often, when we connect with people really closely, we consider our closest friends as family members.

The movie talked about the people of Okinawa.  They are some of the longest living people on earth.  Often these people gather together and consider themselves family.  What did we do before video games?

The Bushmen of the Kalahari still choose to live in a way similar to their ancient ancestors lived.  They believe that they are responsible for each other's health and well being.  No one is left out.  Babies, it seems, learn compassion from their mothers.  They learn it long before anyone teaches them anything about religion.

If you seek to make yourself happy, you will see yourself as a part of the world and you make the world happy.  Look for new experiences with family and friends.  Play.  Play music.

We in America are very good at economic life.  We have conflated economic success with happiness.  That thought bears examination.