this week Deepa explained to us about the ideas presented in Alan Lightman's book: Accidental Universe.  It is a series of essays by a humanist/physicist writer, Alan Lightman, and I am going to have a hard time doing it justice here in this summary.  Today Deepa just talked about the first essay.  Can we prove the existence of God?  Can a religious experience be scientifically proven?  For starters, we have trouble explaining the existence of the things we find in the universe.  There is evidence, apparently, that there are many universes that are somewhat consistent with each other but still separate and different.  We have trouble imagining the implications of this, just as fish have trouble imagining any world that exists that is not wet.

There is a lot of "dark matter" and "dark energy" that we don't know much about.  We don't even know all its properties, but there seems to be a lot of it.  I should clarify, there is theoretical evidence of this stuff, but no physical evidence yet.  Climate change deniers would have a field day with this one.  The logic of a climate change denier is "if you can't prove it, then that is proof  that it does not exist no matter how many people believe it its existence."

The Buddhists are going to have trouble with this logic as well,  You can't find oneness with the universe that is a multi-verse.

I hope the subsequent essays are easier for me to explain because I think this week we will have to remain unsatisfied with my ability to take notes and explain what Deepa was talking about.

Peace, (hopefully)