Today's service was by Susan Ritchie.

Sometimes it is just amazing that we can all gather together here.  We all made this journey to this place.  To us, the gathering itself is the revelation of the spiritual.  When the Dalai lama was facing the diaspora of his people, he is said to have asked the Jewish fathers how they managed to keep their spiritual identity alive in their diaspora.  If the Dalai Lama were to go to UU headquarters what would we teach him?  What is our special gift?  Susan Ritchie would say that religion is not a container.  Religion is a matrix of relationships. Religion can be about mixing beliefs, so you don't have to be afraid of your neighbors.  Getting to know one another makes us stronger.

There is a tie between every declaration of religious tolerance and the original declaration of religious tolerance, the Edict of Torda issued in 1568 in which Unitarians codified the mixing of religions that was going on anyway.  In modern times, the concept of purity has been confused with intolerance for other religious beliefs.  The urge to mix with others must not be repressed in the human spirit. If the person who taught you to pray, taught you to hate, then he was doing it wrong.