Today Betty lead us in a traditional water ceremony day.  In the past, we have talked about how precious water is in the world but this time Betty wanted us to show what water means to ourselves and to our little community.  Water is often central to our own lives and our own memories.  Because we are a community, and a community shares with one another, she wanted us to reflect upon where we have been this summer, but also upon the emotional burden and baggage that we carry to the water.  The web of life is all represented in the water.

Did you feel the interdependent web of existance coming alive in those moments?  A growing awakening of how this water is like the strands of the web, and how the web is us and is everything.

So one member went to a wedding that was held at one of the finger lakes of New York.  One member visited Lake Hudson, one went to Washington DC and one went to the islands of Washington state to collect water for the pool.

One member spent the summer fixing gutters and other things to make sure that the water stayed away.  One member commented that she did not go anywhere but was thankful that the water did the traveling to come to her house in a clean and usable form.  One member planted a garden and was fully prepared to spend the summer watering it had it not been such a wet summer here in Central Ohio.  One member visited Colorado where it does not rain very much right now, but she visited the "Garden of the Gods" in Colorado Springs where too much rain is actually not all that good.  One member contributed no water to our common pool because she was acting in solidarity with the State of California which has none to spare.  And so it was that water travels very effectively and affects many lives of people who are not traveling.