Comedy Tonight.  No... comics... in fact we talked about Religion and comics.  We talked about Jack Chick graphic novels without recommending any of them.  Crumb first rose to prominence after the 1968 debut of Zap Comix, which was the first successful publication of the underground comix era. The image from his "Keep on Truckin'" strip, were among his popular creations.  He created a full graphic novel of the Book of Genesis.  He said it stands on its own a a lurid comic, it doesn't require any parody.

We talked about the problems of religions that do not allow depictions of god, or, for that matter, Mohammad.  We talked about Jesus and Mo, a British webcomic created by an artist using the pseudonym Mohammed Jones. The comic is published on its eponymous website twice a week.  Also check out  Its tag line is You're not crazy, they are.  When they presented Moses and the 10 Commandments, they also included the comment thread.  Also check out