Today we had the service of the Flower Communion.  This has come to be a very important tradition in our little congregation.  We have had a Flower Communion in each of the years that I have been a part of this congregation.  The tradition for a Flower Communion was started in 1923 in Czechoslovakia by Dr. Norbert Kapek.  (this was not surprising to me because I grew up around a Czech community and they all held flowers in very high regard.)  Flowers are the native beauty of the country side.  They do not alienate anyone.  No two flowers are alike, but the bouquet requires the contribution of each one.  The community would not be the same without the contribution of each person.  Flowers are symbolic of the love we have deep inside us.

The tradition of the Flower Communion came to America in 1940 along with a lot of refugees from the turmoil in Europe.  The only rule is that each person contributes a flower to the common bouquet and your thoughts about that flower are your own, but you can share.  At the end, we each take a flower home with us, but it has to be a flower that you did not add to the bouquet.

Andy wanted to share good thoughts for spring for people all over the world.  Rick (me) brought a tiny flower that grows on the forest floor in Ohio (a wild violet) to add the contribution of the meek and the mild to the conversation.  Shawn added a flower for the light in each of us and he said the light in him acknowledged the light inside of us all.

Thurman spoke of his mother who had a green thumb for flowers.  We also had remembrances of Christian upbringing and we added dandelions for beauty and nutrition. Alex brought a tree branch because she said she hadn’t had a chance to plant any flowers where she lives.  Jan did not cut her cherry tree blossom off the tree because the bees needed them more than we did.

Elizabeth said lilies are so strong that if you plant them incorrectly, the roots will sometimes shatter the pot they are in while attempting to right themselves.

Scott added a flower for hope and renewal.  Cathy added one for rebirth… a special personal theme for people who’s birthday is at Eastertime.  Chelsea added the excitement of color in the spring.  Stan spoke in remembrance of the Czech community.  Charlotte’s flower carried hope for peace to break out between the Christians of Eastern and Western Ukrane.