Today, Jan spoke to us about the global crisis in water that is becoming more of a problem as we move into the 21st century.

71% of the earth is covered in water but only 3/10 of a percent is available for use.  But water is abundant in some places, so some places on the surface of earth get far less than their fair share of the 3/10 of a percent.

Australia is in an emergency situation for water.  Traditional water supplies for Queensland have only 20% of their capacity.  They have tried de-salinization of sea water, but it is resource intensive and doesn’t provide enough.  They are trying to educate their children on water conservation.  Learning to make do with less is a strategy that has never been popular in the United States.

Ironically, it is agriculture that uses the majority of the fresh water.  Growing animals for meat production uses more water per unit of food than does growing fruits and vegetables.

New research shows that there may be more water available under the earth.  While this is good news,  getting at it in a timely manner will prove difficult.

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