Madeline spoke to us about Daniel Quinn's book Ishmael.   It has a very simple premise, but a complicated message.  In the beginning a teacher seeks a pupil with an interest in saving the world.  The philosophy separates the world into the "takers" and the "leavers."

The "takers" are the civilizers.  They believe the earth was created in order for humans to use it as a tool.  They are the people who believe that god gave them the earth to consume it, to use it up.  Unlimited growth is the ideal.

The "leavers" are the primitives.  They believe the people were created in order for the earth to use them.  The earth is to be lived in not to be consumed.  Adaptation to the earth is the ideal.

Humans are not motivated to be destructive, there is no flaw inherent in each human.  But collective action of the "takers" is destructive and collective action of the "leavers" is constructive.

We lit a candle for Betty today because she is singing in the Cancer Survivors Choir today instead of being with us.  When she is with us, she is her own walking talking point of light.