Traditionally we have a flower service on Mother's day where we each bring a flower and then discuss.  Sometimes we discuss the flowers, sometimes we discuss the environment, and sometimes we discuss our mothers.  We are a society of free thinkers, and we discuss things. I understand that there are some religions affiliations that believe that open acceptance of a wide variety of spiritual journeys is anathema to god.  We don't think so.

I hope you will join us and discuss the topic.   Come by any Sunday.


And also traditionally at 1PM we follow the tradition of standing women for peace.  This is the twelfth year of anchoring a vision for the whole human family. 

We are standing for a world in which every child is safe, honored and nurtured. 


View video Standing Women was originally inspired by a wonderful short story Sharon Mehdi wrote for her five-year old granddaughter, The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering. To read the story, click on the language of your choice.