Matt presented a second lecture by Daniele Bolelli on the Tau.  Daniele tells us that while most people seek order and security, the sage amount us carry the torch of chaos and doubt.  The highest level of the journey is to know what is that you do not understand, and yet not to fear that unknown or unknowable.  People consumed with certainty and security end up not being able to explain themselves or their beliefs.

Do not, he says, be so certain of your conclusions that you think you have learned everything and no longer seek the truth.  There is a story in both Islamic and Christian traditions that says the conquerors came into the new country and the defeated people brought forth their holy books.  The conqueror thought that if the knowledge of the conquered peoples agreed with our holy book, then there is no value in keeping their holy books.  If their people’s holy books contradict our holy book, then there is no value in keeping their holy books.  Either way, we should destroy the history and knowledge of this people.  This is an example of a very closed mind.

Dogmas only work if nothing ever changes, but change is constant.  If everything changes, then it imposes the past on the present and future.  If something is certain, can it really be eternally true?

Awareness must triumph over dogmatism