Today Owen gave a discourse on schools and churches.  He said that modern education that features a “sage on a stage” is destructive to learning so he structured the lesson as an educational class in a classic tradition based on recurring sevens.  First up, he reminded us of the 7 principles of Unitarian Universalism.  Second, the 7 traditional colors of the rainbow.  Third, the days of the week.  Forth, the number of planets (ok, the number of planets as understood in the ancient world which is seven.)  Fifth, the deadly sins (yes, seven of those.)  Sixth, the ages of man of which there are seven if you can believe Shakespeare(  Seventh, Owen took on the liberal arts.  The liberal arts are in two groups; a group of three (the trivium) and a group of four (the quadrivium).  Taken together: grammar, rhetoric, and logic (trivium) and arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy (quadrivium), we have seven.

Not content with the above, Owen ended up at the end with a discussion of the ultimate discussion of sevens:  Ecclesiastes 7:7 “Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad; and a gift destroyeth the heart.” Owen recommends “Koheleth: The Man and his World: a study of Ecclesiastes” by Robert Gordis as a guide.  ( I just checked… the commentary available on the internet for Ecclesiastes 7:7 isn’t very helpful.  so better stick with Robert Gordis.)

I won’t go into any more detail, but see you next week when we will discuss being thankful.  We have an interesting, eclectic group of people.  Come join us, we’d love to see you.