Today Melissa taught us all about “Ein Deutsches Requiem” opus 45 by Johannes Brahms (The Brahms Requiem.)  I must say that this was a Sunday of the most uplifting and enlightened joy that we have done in a while.  We learned some things about Johannes and we learned how he wove those events of his life into the various movements of the music.  Melissa played excerpts from Brahms Requiem as she explained what was going on in each movement (perhaps not enough excerpts for my taste, but probably too many excerpts for the taste of others, so it was probably a good balance.)  Did you know that this guy used to play in bars and brothels?  Also, Brahms was a humanist.  He left out of his Requiem lines that other Requiem writers put in their works about the redemption of people by Jesus.  (See upcoming Sunday session on the Nicene Creed and the ability to redeem people who have no business being redeemed.  But, heck, in Christianity’s first entitlement program, you can say the right words and automatically get the golden ring.)