This was a very interesting day.  Nevertheless, there is a lot of differing opinions on morality when it comes to eating animals.  Just look at the arguments that are available to Vegans when they go after the vegetarians.  I think you are better served by reading up on things at than you are by reading this post by me.

The Columbus zoo has a tremendous outreach program to teach people about the environment and why you should care about the earth and the animals that inhabit it with us.  You won’t find any arguments about what you eat there, however.  In fact, you can buy a hamburger at the zoo.  I know, I’ve done it many times myself.  On the other hand, they are very much against the use of Palm Oil in commercial products.  The palm oil plantations are destroying the islands where the Orangutans have lived undisturbed since the beginning of time… or at least the beginning of Orangutans.