Today is Grandparent’s Day in the U.S.  We all shared memories of our Grandparents, and what they mean to us today.  I usually try to distill the comments down to the essence of the day, but for Grandparent memories, this was impossible for me today.   If there was a theme at all, it was surprises.  Grandparents who were half Cherokee (not to be mentioned in polite company in them times.)  Grandparent’s who smoked pot were found out only years later when the grandchild when to college and learned what the smell really was.  In my case, a grandmother who turned out to be a lesbian… definitely not to be mentioned in polite company in those years.)

There is a new sign-up sheet for after service snacks.  Some like to bake, some like to buy, its all ok.  Amy Goodman of Democracy Now will be at First Church next Saturday.  We lit candles for Elizabeth’s co-worker, Frank, for Becca and Jim’s birthday, for Megan’s mom and aunt, and for Sue who continues to be under the weather.