Can we be like drops of water
Falling on the stone
Splashing, breaking, dispersing in air
Weaker that the stone by far but aware
That as time goes by the rock will wear
Away and the water comes again.
-Holly Near

Today we celebrated the changing of the season.  We shared our treasured moments of the year gone by in the presence of water, who’s sacredness is made more palpable by the memories of love.

Water from Deer Creek brings memories of children for Becca.
Water from Lake Michigan evokes the deep heart’s core for Betty.
Water from Deer Creek and Salida Colorado means happy vacations for Jim.
Water that people have to carry from a well is emotional for Madeline.
Water from the back yard is what Charlotte likes to remember.
Water for drinking so you don’t become dehydrated is important for Jan.
Water from Lourdes in the Pyrenees was brought to us by Deepa.
Rain and river water in memory of Heraclitus does it for Rick.
Water from the past brings memories for Thurman.
Protective water for newly arrived Blake.
Megan invoked pure rain-forest water.

Welcome to Blake, born in August, courtesy of Jamie and Heather.  Becca needs colored plastic bags for an art project.  Don’t forget to register your Kroger savings card for UUCE (its free.)  We lit candles for Blake, for all the helpers, for Cathy helping Elizabeth, and for Thurman who is moving by the end of September to a place not yet named.  Yea for Elizabeth who’s art is now on display in Chilicothe, Ohio  at the Ohio University campus.

Peace like a River,