Jim set up this Sunday for us to view a presentation by Brene Brown on the topic of Vulnerability.  Basic Premise: Connection gives meaning and purpose to our lives.  Implication: the whole-hearted people of the world are those who can live confidently within that feeling of connectedness.  However, we have to be seen in order to connect, and some of us live in a state of excruciating vulnerability.  Those of us who live with a constant fear of disconnection are the people we call shame-based.  Shame-based people don’t believe they have much of an effect on other people.

For all of us, whole-hearted and shame-based alike, our sense of worthiness is tied to our sense of being loved and of belonging.  What is it about the whole-hearted that sets them off from the shame-based?

Courage.  They have the courage to be imperfect.

Connection.  They have the confidence of connection to others that allows them to let go of who they are in order to become who they could be.

Embrace vulnerability.  The whole-hearted believe that vulnerability is necessary.  They say “I love you.”  They are willing to jump into relationships.

The shame-based people will typically try to make the “uncertain” into a “certain.”  They numb their vulnerability to deal with it.  Today, we have people addicted to debt, to sex, to obesity… addictions are rampant.  But, you can’t numb the bad without numbing the joy.

So, try going forward to embrace your vulnerability.  Try to form some connection, and trust in it.