Every day brings Trouble

Every day brings joy

Today brought us Madeline to talk about Margaret Moseley (1901-1997) a notable Unitarian.  Margaret was born in Massachusetts, and denied training as a nurse, denied employment opportunities and denied housing opportunities because of the color of her skin.   In those time following WWI, a landlord could legally evict people, as her landlord did, because it was “too nice a neighborhood for black people.”

Margaret realized that accumulating the hatred and vindictiveness that people where demonstrating to her would be self-destructive.   Nevertheless, using her experience to help right those wrongs would be a great service to future generations even if she got no benefit from it.  So Margaret dedicated herself to improving the world.  When the Massachusetts legislature took up the matter of fair housing, Margaret was there to testify to the damage it does to society to allow individual landlords to discriminate by race.

Margaret was a Unitarian, and is listed among the most notable Unitarians among us.  She was the first woman to chair the governing body of the Unitarian Church of Barnstable, MA.

Moseley joined and became president of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).  She also served on its legislative committee, always certain that great permanent improvements could come through changes in the law.  In her 60’s she traveled to the Southern states to help with the voter registration campaigns that were taking place in violent times.  So often we feel like the people in high places with connections and wealth have all the influence.  Margaret Moseley is an example of a woman with great influence who did it through hard work and conviction.

Our hearts go out the the people of Colorado who have endured the terrible blow to their community.    In other news, Thurman is still looking for a recommendation for a real estate agent to help him find a new place to live.