After two years, perhaps it is time to reinvigorate the newsletter.  Unfortunately, it is with a very heavy heart that I must use this occasion to announce the passing of our friend and congregation member, Tim Dunning. We will be having a memorial service for him on Saturday June 28. I write this with an enormously heavy heart. Tim was not flashy, but rather the kind of guy who passed through the world quietly adding color and and taste to everything and everyone he touched. My joy at having my life enriched by his presence, magnifies the sorrow I feel through my loss… and the world’s loss.. from his absence.
There is other congregational news to be announced, of course, not the least of which is the congregational election which was held in May 2014, but everything else pales in comparison.  Now that Tim has caused me to have the renewed strength to begin the newsletter again. I will attempt to be a better reporter.  Thanks for being patient, if two years absence can be described as a patient indulgence.
Update: An unprecedented second installment of the Newsletter… also uncharacteristically of me, including last names.
The new officers of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation East are:
President: Rick Pittaway (me)
Vice President: Stan Bradley
Secretary: Becca Calhoun
Also, if you have been thinking about dropping by our little building for a visit, you may do so without obligation any Sunday, but in ADDITION to that, on Saturday June 21 we are hosting a performance of “The Prosecution of Judge Waite.”  It is a dramatic interpretation of the situation that lead to the trial decision that effectively created “persons” out of corporations.   You can see it on YOUTUBE but if you come to our presentation you can see it performed live.  Come have a look Saturday evening.  (we will even provide refreshments if you want to stay and discuss the play with other people present.  There is nothing we like better than to discuss things, so you can be sure that there will be others around to talk to.)