To find out what is going on currently, the notes on the Sunday services are your best bet.  I try to keep them from being too dry…  and they already contain a lot that would have gone into a newsletter.  Our little congregation provides a refuge for free-thinkers and free-doubters at the building that was formerly a house (1798 Lancaster Road, Reynoldsburg, OH.)  The grounds are a phenominal property.  They have become a refuge of birds and all manner of native Ohio animals.
Services continue despite the cold.  This level of snow is not a problem for our environmentally friendly gravel parking.  The most cost-effective snow treatement is to have lots of people at Sunday services so that the arriving cars push the snow down into the gravel… so that is how we handle snow so far as we can.  If you want to attend services in a wheelchair, then park close to the wheelchair ramp.  The ramp is customarily cleared of snow before services.  Come join us.

Please remember to sign up for the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Our organization number is 80237

I do want to give you a taste of Sustainable Reynoldsburg.  They are a very small group here in Reynoldsburg.
This is from their website:
Sustainable Reynoldsburg, a new community group started by six residents of Reynoldsburg, Ohio early in 2009. Much of the planning and development in suburbs like ours was based on the ideas that there are no serious limits to cheap fossil fuels and other natural resources, that our world will take all the greenhouse gas and other pollution we throw at it, that national chains are an adequate substitute for locally-owned businesses with a stake in the community. Many people see things differently and are keen to nurture a sense of community and to take better care of our local and global environment. Sustainable Reynoldsburg is simply a way for local residents to connect with each other for practical action, positive discussion and information-sharing to help make our community and homes resilient, liveable and healthful into the future.

Currently, our group is actively involved with Reynoldsburg’s Safe Routes to School program, a new initiative to help students to walk and bike safely to school. We are helping the City to start the new Livingston Community Garden, which will be opening this spring (2010) next to the Park and Ride at Brice/Livingston. We also want to explore ways of boosting recycling in Reynoldsburg…. and there are many other potential projects to pursue as time allows.

Practicing UU’s 7th principle very close to home

For urban living, having green space available has repeatedly been found in scientific research studies to benefit perceived health.For urbanized area, such as Central Ohio, spending time in green space supports individuals’ well-being.Whether through recreation, quiet contemplation, or servicing the land, activity in the natural environment stimulates the spirit and soothes the soul.

UUCE is fortunate to have its three acres of green space that runs from the building to Blacklick Creek.Being across from Reynoldsburg’s HuberPark enhances the natural surroundings, creating an oasis of simplicity among sprawling development in the general area.

The seventh principle of UU is “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”It offers a steady reminder of our responsibility toward caring for the environment.And caring for the environment is most readily accomplished close to home.

UUCE has a number of opportunities for caring for its green space that can be performed according to your own schedule needs.These include mowing the grounds, treating the poison ivy, cleaning the small pool, tending the firepit area, and other outdoor tasks.To become involved, simply sign up on the sheet posted on the bulletin board.Then, simply show up and follow through on completing this valuable service and receive a healthy infusion of green space time into your routine.You’ll be helping UUCE, benefiting yourself, and practicing UU principles all at the same time.

Speaking for myself, I know that working at the outdoor areas has been a source of great feelings of accomplishment. When we began, there were brambles and thigh high weeds. Now there is a new firepit and an area for us to celebrate the land.I can feel the garden rejoice as it is slowly brought back to its former glory! Sure, there remains a lot to still do, but we can all be proud of the headway we are making. -Shawn

Working with the land, especially maintaining the fire pit, is more than just service to the congregation for me.It’s a chance to commune with the divine in a direct way.The sense of acceptance one gets from the land while working is immediate.It reminds me that I am but one small part of the larger web of life, and that everything I do impacts that web, and comes back to me eventually.—Leesa

Author:  Kalen

Groups Meeting Regularly at UUCE

The Three Cranes Grove, ADF (Web-site Three Cranes Grove, ADF) meets regularly the sixth day after the Full Moon.They have been a wonderful addition to our church, as they have brought a spiritual richness, along with helping to maintain and beautify our grounds.We welcome them and look forward to supporting each other in our growth efforts.

We invite you to join our Meditation group at 10:30, prior to Sunday morning services in the Sun Room.  Explore with us guided, music, silent, walking and other forms of meditation.  These forms of mindfulness meditations encourage us to live in the moment and reinforce daily practice.  Arriving early and participating in this practice will enhance your Sunday morning experience and, you will soon realize its many benefits.