The Board of the Church met Sunday Mar 14.  The minutes that were lost last month have been found.  But the minutes of last month (in which we reported that we had misplaced the previous month's minutes) are now missing.  Stay tuned.

We had to spend substantial sums to have the snow removed from our parking lot twice this winter.  In addition, the Electric bill have been extremely high this winter.   We are still trying to arrange it to allow for people to have their Kroger Plus Card benefits to be donated to the church.

We purchased 10 Hymnals recently.  Betty has inscribed them beautifully as per the instructions of the hymnal's sponsor.  14 hymnals have been dedicated in total.

Sue gave us the summary of the results from her survey.

Someone mentioned the importance of the "Church of the Larger Fellowship"  to some of our isolated members.  Check it out for yourself at