Many of you know that the leader of the Unitarian Universalists in America has resigned recently over hiring practices at UUA.  I'd like for all of us to remember that what looks like "normal" to ANY group is full of assumptions about what "normality" looks like.  If it is the way its always been done, and nobody is raising a problem over it, then it must be fine.  At least if you are white and male because being white and male is a recipe for forgetting what life has always been like for those who are not-white and not male.  Peter Morales fell into this way of thinking.  When the non-white and the non-male people finally got fed up enough to say something, he didn't even understand what the problem was.  In fact, it looked like the people trying to point out the problem were themselves a problem.  He was in a bubble as I describe above of what "normal" looks like.

Social scientists call this normalcy a "Cultural Imaginary."  But whatever you call it, he had to resign at that point.  I'll try to write more on this later, but in the mean time please know that our congregation here at the church in the woods is trying NOT to fall into that trap.  We are lay led... have a few women, and have a few men in the leadership positions.  We're trying to be diverse enough to be interesting and homogeneous enough to be interesting.  Its normal.