I realize I'm very inconsistent with newsletters, nevertheless, sometimes I add them.  This seems to happen even when there is no news in the newsletter when I'm finished writing it.  But we are going to have a very influential election soon, and the service on compassion sparked a thought.

Joan Halifax, director of the Project on Being with Dying, has pointed out that showing compassion to our fellow human beings helps both the person receiving the compassion and the person showing the compassion.  

So, when a friend or acquaintance tells you that they don't intend to vote because it doesn't make a difference anyway...  encourage them to vote for the most compassionate candidate.  It turns out that voting this way does make a difference.  It makes a difference to you... You who cast the ballot will be able to hold your head up just a little bit higher by contributing by just a small amount to a world that is just a little bit brighter now.