This year the National Assembly of UU’s will be in Columbus, OH.  That means we will be more involved than we have been in the past.  Right now in January the National organization is asking for our vote to name one of these 4 issues as the Congregational Study/Action Issue for the next 4 years.  The candidate topics are the following:


Did you know MOST people abandon their New Year’s resolutions? Yes, you probably knew that.  But this does not have to be YOU.  Ultimately, only 8 percent will be successful.  That means by this time next year about 138 million of us will still have the weight we wanted to shed, the debt we pledged to pay down, and the bad habits we hoped to put behind us.

Here are a few tips for YOU to be successful.  Make short specific goals that you can measure as you go whether or not you are achieving your goal.  Use Daily goals if possible, else try Weekly goals.  Try not to put goals into conflict (if one goal is to exercise more minutes per day… stay away from also setting a goal of sleeping more each day.)  But reach out a little… make it a goal that is hard enough that it is worth striving for (if you can’t brag about achieving it when you achieve it, it isn’t a goal that is worthy of you.)  Get inspired!